Telegram Monetization

Revolutionizing content interaction and profit on Telegram - TeleSages brings you an ecosystem where engagement truly pays off.

How it works

Trading TeleSages Keys

Telesages is structured in a way that not only benefits creators and members but also appeals to the speculative traders looking to trade keys on the Quadratic and Linear priced groups.

The Quadratic and Linear pricing structure is designed to benefit early key holders therefore depending on the creators preferred pricing structure, these keys can increase in value significantly if there is a low supply and a high bonding curve.

To speculate on a particular group, click on the group to see details such as buy/sell volume, pricing structure and supply.

The Telesages main page also displays New groups, Top creators and Trending groups giving speculative traders a view on narratives and opportunities to buy keys at the earliest stages.



34,5 %

Public Sale

21,8 %

Marketing / Major Group Owners

10,9 %

Team / VCs

32,7 %

Revenue Sharing

Crypto Wallet

Sage holders will have the opportunity to stake their tokens and be eligible for revenue sharing. Revenue will be based on the buy and sell taxes from keys purchased.

Sage holders will also be eligible to vote in a DAO and help the community grow as Telesages continues its development.




Enable Telesages to support multiple chains


Integrate Twitter and Youtube onto the Telesages platform.


Onboard ‘X’
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